Welcome to the Daily Cup with CourtneyK

Hey Everyone!

Well, I have officially been sucked into the blogosphere! This is nothing but a great thing, though so no worries!

My name is Courtney and I am finishing my college years ready to enter the PR world! I love God, my family,friends, running, coffee & waking up in the morning knowing it’s a new day with new opportunities! My intentions for this blog is to supply my readers with a little bit of “oomph” for the day. Whether it be with an encouraging verse, some savvy social media, a personal entry..or all of the above, my goal for this blog is to be a place to learn, to love and to LAUGH! Since public relations is my passion, of course I will be keeping up to date with the latest media buzz, since health and fitness is my hobby-of course I’ll share my tasty treats and wild workouts..and since God & family are close to my heart,  it will be obvious where my joy and strength stems from! I hope you enjoy, and most importantly..I hope you take something away from this!


February 17, 2010 at 4:33 AM 1 comment

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