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So, I haven’t been on this blog thing for a long while. Partly because I just made it for school and that class is done and over with now..and partly because keeping up with technology and posting my thoughts everyday are just too much for me. Sometimes this whole social networking world overwhelms me. I mean, tweeting, blogging, facebooking, emailing..every second..just gets to a person after a while!

Anyway, today was one of those days where you are literally sooo busy, that you forget if you took a shower or if you even ate lunch…one of those, “whoa is me, soo much to life is outta control” kinda days. This day, for me, was as if I was riding a giant rollercoaster all day, clinging on to the handrails for dear life-hoping I wouldn’t fly away.

I guess this whole Senior year, last semester deal..20 units, an internship and a a Senior Project is slightly insane..but for anyone who knows me well, busy is how I stay sane…and this unthinkable schedule isn’t new news..


In the midst of this out of control 10+hours of chaos, I found myself in this negative mood-just bitter. Bitter at my schedule? Well, I did that to myself. Bitter at my tiredness? Once again, my deal.. Icouldn’t figure out what it was.

Then, I went to coach my little girls (I coach a 3rd thru 5th grade running team). Our discussion today was about “Thankfulness”.

There couldn’t have been a more perfect day to bring up this topic. I learn some of the best things being around these munchkins. It’s amazing what kids can teach you..even when they don’t realize it!

As I sat and listened to the girls discuss things they were thankful for…I sat, in silence taking in their cute answers: “my mom, my dog, my lunch today..etc” It made me smile and also made me evaluate my own life, what AM I thankful for?

Although my day was busy..and I felt so exhausted I could keel over-I felt this overwhelming since of guilt and pure shame..I can’t believe I have been feeling sorry for myself all day…waiting for the day to end, when I have SO MUCH to be THANKFUL for. Like I tell my girls “FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE, the NEGATIVE WILL ALWAYS TRY TO OVERPOWER YOUR THOUGHTS..but FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE”

My life is so easy compared to some..I mean, I have a great job I love with amazing people and an awesome flexible schedule, I have the most loving boyfriend, family and friends you could imagine, a car that gets me where I need to be without fail, money to feed me, great roomates, good grades..etc..but yet, I still find ways to stress myself out and feel sorry for myself..

Well, what about the sweet job after college? What about that NEW car? What about MORE money? -Anxiety just takes charge.

Being thankful is SO IMPORTANT. It’s something I strive to do everyday, yet get so caught up in “life” , that I loose track…and often, neglect to give thanks and sit back and evaluate my actions.

I think it’s all important for us to give thanks and really understand how good we have it. Imagine if we couldn’t buy those groceries? we had to walk everywhere we needed to go? We didn’t have loved ones? I mean, really…How would it be?

Don’t be blinded by the “chaotic schedule” or intense schooling..stressful job…or the things we are TOLD we have to achieve…


Because, you can never revisit today…so cherish it, appreciate it..the future will come soon enough.

Live in the Present…and always always, GIVE THANKS.


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It’s The Little Things In Life…..

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