It’s The Little Things In Life…..

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Hey All!

Hope everyone is enjoying the radiant sun, beautiful fragrant may flowers, green hillsides, the wafering aroma of toasty burgers grilling on the bbq, the crack of the bat at the little league games nearby..and the couples hand in hand walking the cute 4-legged furry critters after the dinner hour..

Am I right? Spring is upon us..and summer is rearing it’s head..soon! It’s just amazing what a little Vitamin D will do for ya, isn’t it? The sun just feels oh so good, and everyone’s spirits seem to be lifted high and away from the cold winter blues. For me, happiness is waking up before my roommates, peeling my eyes open as I tie my laces..down a quick cup of water..and hit the pavement for an early morning run. There is nothing like a crisp,morning run-where the sun has already risen, yet stillness and silence remain before the 8 o’clock hour where garage doors will be opening and coffee pots a brewin’,..and the kiddies biking their way to school with oversized backpacks and sleepy little eyes.

May, so far, has been a grand glorious month for me. Sure, there have been some bumpy patches..but I am seeing the finish line, and the road ahead is looking very promising =) School is finally winding down..the stress is easing…summer is near, and I’ve realized, recently-even just a couple minutes a day to step back from the crazy, out of control scheduled routine, can offer a rejuvenation necessary to plow through the remainder of the day.

As school is wrapping up…and I sit here and reflect on this past year, there is a lot I have learned..a great ton. More I think than I ever have learned in my college career thus far. And no, I don’t mean learning as in educational, book smart, paper writing, novel reading..-I mean, about LIFE, specifically in the job realm. This year I wore several hats.I have enjoyed every minute of exploring what my next potential steps could be post graduation and into the job market…but here are some things I have walked away with:

1-Unfortunately, the pink ribbon on the package doesn’t always mean the present inside is amazing. Sometimes, the job may look more appealing than it really seems. However, never go into a job with low expectations..but remain neautral-because excitement could definitely blind you from the real deal

2Perfection doesn’t exist, but persistence and dedication do! Never turn in an assignment half-ass. It’s better to take MORE time to do it, than to turn in something rushed or half-done. For one, it’s embarrassing and for two, it’s a waste of time..because it’s going to have to be fixed by someone else.

3- People may be nice to your face, but behind the back is a different story. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way in my job. I found out two co workers were actually talking behind people’s backs (including mine) in the office, leading to a heck of a lot of drama, hurt feelings, awkward tension, and anxiety. I could never truly focus on my work because I was always worried about what I was doing, what they were thinking, what they’d say to my boss (wasn’t probably true). I worked in fear. NEVER work in fear. Life is too short. Do not sell yourself short…

4There is a fine line between intimidation, motivation vs. threatening. Although some people work well under pressure, never let an authority take so much control over you it is sacrificing your happiness/your sanity. ALWAYS ALWAYS be respectful of your authoritative figure, but never be passive or forget what you stand for.

5- It takes experience to know… Life is full of wonderful lessons. It’s through experiences we learn, we grow, and we act. Never regret a single second..always know everything happens for a reason-and life is a constant learning experience with so much room for growth!

These are the top (5) Lessons I have really learned this year & I couldn’t be more thankful.

On a side note…Today is Mother’s Day, and my mom deserves a nice shout out:

Mom you are amazing. You are my best friend, my support, my confidence…I thank you for all you have taught me and for always being there through thick and thin! Here is to YOU!

Everyone, Give your mom a hug today…they deserved to be honored much more than just one day a year!

Happy May~Enjoy the sunshine & Put a Smile On!



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