Live & Learn~Then Grow: Confessions of a College Blogger

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It’s Time I Re-Surfaced to the Blogosphere…Sorry for my absence, things have been certainly busy…but I’m back for good!

There comes a point in life, especially in this culture, where the days just begin to merge together and life just quickly passes you by. It’s the job, or it’s school, finances, obligations..etc-they all just begin to pile, pile, up.

If you’re like me, stress is an evil curse beckoning to take over. I’ve spent so much time worrying and doubting because I’ve for some reason, allowed other people to influence me or steer the wheel. When I sit back to reflect on what I want, sometimes the two don’t seem to match  up…

I’m only 21 years old, at my prime. But, sometimes I feel like I’m trying to be a 28 yr. old business woman or mature college scholar because part of me wants to…and the other part feels pressured if I have to.

I’ve talked to several of my friends and I have come to the conclusion, we all seem to be at the same place, feeling the same things. The education system, especially University, leads you to buy into this bullshit gimmic you have to be successful, rich and above the rest. Serious. You have to work so hard..or the economy sucks, watch out, you need a masters, a BA doesn’t mean a thing..a 3.8 GPA isn’t a 4.0, so try harder next time..

I mean, here we are, little fish in a big, big pond, trying to swim, and a shark attack is always in the back of our minds. What is good enough? What’s success?? What gives??

You know, college , I have come to realize, isn’t about scoring the perfect job..hand-me-the-diploma-and-hello-40+K…

NO, college is about learning to deal, college is about life. Life is shitty, life is happy~but college teaches and prepares you how to roll with the punches.

Somtimes I feel like I am in a huge boxing ring, just on my toes to dodge a punch or rise above my contestants next move. Should I swing, or should I duck? And, when I do get nailed, do I get back up OR accept my defeat? It’s never black and white, and there is always pondering and great debate.

I consider myself a very happy person, always ready and willing to chat or befriend a perfect stranger. My absolute passion is running, and if I could, I’d run every race known to mankind with my best friend, just because it gives me peace, and such a fresh mind.

I’ve always been the girl my friends call when they feel like they’ve hit rock bottom or have their heart ripped out of their chest…ALWAYS.

I’m a small town girl, super close to my family. My mom and I literally talk at least 5 times a day and the first time I spent even a minor holiday away from home, I felt like I wanted to just cry. I mean, I’m simple, and relationships in my life matter.

So here I am, 21, starting to near graduation. I’m always one to bite off more than I can chew (major weakness) because I want to be the best I can be and always keep my options open and my relationships, bountiful.

I’m a Communications major, really intrigued by PR and the media..naturally, it fits, because I love people and I love to write. As my boyfriend knows, I am one to paint pictures sometimes in my mind of pure bliss and awesomeness and sometimes I get brutually disappointed when the real deal aint’ what it seemed.

I do love PR, I’ve taken several classes and felt like my love to write and love for people, really matched great.Love it so much, I decided to take on 2 internships (virtual) at the same time as my 20 hr/wk job and school..hmmm not so smart.

However, I’ve been learning so much..and it’s not all business related, it’s once again, all about life and just how to deal. Of course I’ve acquired amazing skills, met awesome people and made resume building experiences..but you know, when it comes down to that final wire, what I am going to take away from it all is, people aren’t always what they seem, life isn’t always perfect and as far as jobs go, they aren’t easy..not necessarily skill level, but the enviornments you are placed in or the person you are required to submit’s tough.

Life of course isn’t just roses. It’s a lot of the time, the prickly thorns you have to pick off in order to reach the beauty.

Graduation is somewhat nearing and this stress has to be shaked. My boyfriend recently sat me down and woke me up..when he asked…”Why don’t you enjoy your life lately?”

Coming from a person who loves me more than anything, he really made me realize I needed to examine what was taking place. What do I want to do?? and What am I doing because I think I need to??

We live and we learn. The box can be deceitful..The wrapping may be pretty and the bow so bright, yet what’s inside isn’t always what we anticipated or hoped for…

God places us in different situations for a reason-and he never ceases to amaze me with the lessons he teaches me.

Life doesn’t have to be a battlefield. Make going up to bat a prideful pleasure, rather than a dreadful defeat.

Pray & Listen. When you feel overwhelmed, disconnect and access…then GROW.


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