Safety First~Social Networking Smarts (Ladies, eyes open!)

March 17, 2010 at 4:59 AM 1 comment

Hey All,

Well I took a ridiculous long “vacation” from the blogosphere, apparently. Anyways, been living life in the fast lane lately..not a suprise for those who know me=). Life’s been a whirlwind lately, but you know, I AM enjoying the ride!

So, who loves the sunshine? Us Northern Cali folk were deprived of the beautiful daylight for soo long, it’s soo nice to see sun rays and have it stay light later=) Sorry to Alaska, Canada..etc who are still yet experiencing nasty wind, fog, snow and sleet =(.

SOO…  heres the topic of the blog today: Safety & Social Networking, especially for us lovely ladies. The internet is HUGE, fast paced, diverse, ever changing, intertwined, mingled, mixed..and UNCERTAIN. We have friends here, there, tweet this, tweet that… comment to mary jo, bobby su..whatev-u get my drift. We basically maneuver around the internet with blinders on, because who can guarantee that’s really your friend Kristen commenting on your tweet or facebook post??, or if thats someone else-

Ok, sounds a little paranoid..but with Foursquare informing everyone your location and facebook status updates like no other telling people when you’re at school, now your making dinner with the roomies, then you’re going clubbin to ring in the weekend..etc, it’s a little scary business. Why? Because not ALL people are NICE people, and some people are SHADY people. It’s a fact, you can’t trust everyone you meet. With the blogosphere WIDELY expanding and people becoming literally “big” off of social networking, it’s real easy to keep marching with the rest of the crowd and keeping connected constantly! I mean, people are getting book deals, featured in NY Times, major magazines..and just making a name for themself thanks to a little wordpress love..sooo I’m not exaggerating when I say, people have friends all around the globe. When your face is all over the web with your name…you gotta make sure you are regulating & not just allowing any old peepin’ Todd to be your friend, view your posts or follow you on twitter.

Now that twitter is also adopting the location feature, you could be tweeting from your Blackberry in Starbucks on Market Street, and how would you like some random joe to come up to you and say hey Sara, how was your oatmeal for breakfast after your awesome 10 mile run with your best friend Jill for the training of the SF marathon?? Ummm….skettcchhh!!!

Heres an article SmartBrief Media posted out today about “Twitters @anywhere feature”… check it:

Bottom line, BE SMART BEFORE YOU SOCIALIZE..on the net!!

Although I’d like to say just rely on trust and your instinct..thats not the times we live in these days. It’s reality. Don’t publish anything online or divulge any info, unless you want, literally…the WHOLE world to see!

Use your head, not your heart=)

Sip your daily cup!!


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  • 1. Hillary  |  March 17, 2010 at 8:02 AM

    Just read your whole post from my new BB : ) Oh technology, what have you done to us? Thanks for the safety reminder. It’s kind of scary what pops up when I Google myself now.


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