Slacking & Stressed….Somewhat NOW Refreshed!

March 4, 2010 at 7:45 AM 1 comment

Alright, I’ve been a huge slacker…made this blog, then abandoned it already? Sorry thats not like me, I’ve just be completely way in over my head lately with school, work, know how it goes.

Reflect: Do you ever just get so wrapped up in your routine, you almost forget to breath? Well, thats been the last week for me..and, after eating some bomb tacos & clearing my mind with a workout and some lounging in front of the tube, talking to the best friend..and just collecting my scattered thoughts-I feel somewhat refreshed.

Anyways..sorry for the little blurb, but really-it’s important to relax & take a step back, our society spins out of control non stop and some times, we forget the little things in life-the important things, like for one our freakin’ sanity!

So, what to blog, what to blog…? Well, heres a look into what I’ve been up to..getting my feet wet on the PR path..& such:

This semester I am interning with Magic Sauce Media, a PR firm based in San Fran. It’s great, GREAT-I am getting such awesome experience with social networking, working with clients, meeting deadlines..basically the “real” deal! We can make you stand out above the rest & have about every PR trick & creativity out there, so hang with us and we’ll have your customers as jazzed about your company as you are! Hey, by the way..we’d love you to become a fan!

As for my other internship, I am interning with, a fabulous online GREEN magazine. It’s so so much fun! The girls I work with are incredible, and the work is just..FUN! I love it! Hopefully at some point I will share some articles I’ve written-we cover wellness, decor, lifestyle, fashion, current news..with a green twist of course=) and, if you’ve got some written talent or a worthy piece for us to craft to words, we may just be interesting in featuring you on our site! Theres some great reads & some talented writers..soo check it!

Anyway, thats an intro to my life you must know about, because this blog is going to encompass a LOT of what I’m doing, what I’m learning and all the sweet stuff to share with you!

SO, Here She Blows…

I can’t tell you how insane the life of a college student gets at times..of course we’re no super moms juggling 3 kids, working full time-however, let me tell you..for the most part we’re broke..exhausted, peddling our little feet to just play by the rules and jump through the hoops..we waste gosh knows how much time being preached to through a tattered textbook or repetive powerpoint slide. I’m not saying it’s all gray clouds & rain showers, believe me we have our share of fun and adolescence still, but how frustrating can it get sometimes to run ragged for a letter grade, that will not matter after you grab that diploma. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying lets just say “C’s” get degrees and peace out of here, I work my butt off.. The reason I bring this up is because  hands on, life experience a whole heck of a lot more useful & resume worthy than a random 2-5 class with a professor who clearly doesn’t want to be there. .wants to make your life hell..or, if you’re lucky, wants to give you that opportunity to shine…( Can you tell I have Senioritis?)

Anyways, what I’m saying is INTERNSHIPS INTERNSHIPS are key, I’m meeting amazing people, getting unbelievable experience & learning a lot about my future goals… If you’re  student about to set foot on that graduation stage, I can’t say it enough, GET AN INTERNSHIP & reap the benefits! will be happy you did=)

~Sip Up Your Daily Cup!

“People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt


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  • 1. Hillary  |  March 4, 2010 at 5:34 PM

    Very excited about my future internships! Thanks for the inspiration, CutieCourt.

    – Hillary @ http://www.nutritionnutontherun

    Oh, and if you ever need to write an article about healthy, college living…ask me!


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