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Hey Everyone!
You ever have those days when you hit the snooze button several times, but you had that run in mind ..and it’s making you feel guilty that you are ignoring the alarm to jump start your day? Well, this morning..SNOOZE SNOOZE SNOOZE..then I jumped straight out of bed and flew out the door for a run.(the guilt got me!) Took awhile to get pumping and it was freezing, but what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger, ya? Anyway, Mondays are always the worst..why is that? It may be a mental thing, I don’t know-but I always dread Mondays. Anyways, I came across an article this morning, that kind of freaked me out, actually! People posing on social media sites as false faces. But as I read deeper, it actually turns out us people on Facebook are no posers, it’s the other sites you have to be careful of. I mean, I don’t know about you, but how would you like to be chatting with someone you think you know, but have no idea. They’re behind a computer screen..your communication is all virtual, how would you ever know!? Well, that of course goes back to the obvious rule of never adding someone you don’t know-we have to be careful now a days, people aren’t always as nice as we’d like to think they are! Anyway, it’s especially important for us girls to be careful & aware of the social media sites, and really monitor what we say and what information we present. Our world has gotten to be so impersonal, people dread picking up the phone anymore and certainly avoid at all costs face to face interaction. What is with that anyways? That is one downfall of social media I’d have to say has put a strain on socialization and just friendly conversation. Speaking of, my boyfriend is currently looking for a little side job this semester because he has some free time and would like the extra cash. He’s very great with kids and wants to be an Elementary school teacher, so, naturally, he’s been in search for jobs that involve working with kids. He came to me so discouraged, confused and frustrated the other day, because he had drove around to different after school programs and schools looking to strike up a conversation and ask if they were hiring, etc..but NO ONE gave him the time of day..were extremely rude and literally IGNORED HIM! They said they only accept resumes online and do not want to meet anyone in person unless they are interested. Well, who looks that amazing on paper, and how do you get to know someone from a generic one page tedious resume? He was so appalled that people are literally scared to interact. It’s truly a shame.. But, unfortunately, we have to keep our guards up now more than ever with the internet booming and the social sites a buzzin’…soo take a look over this article, it’s an interesting study on social networkers and if they’re legit or not…good to be aware of
Happy Monday!

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