So, I haven’t been on this blog thing for a long while. Partly because I just made it for school and that class is done and over with now..and partly because keeping up with technology and posting my thoughts everyday are just too much for me. Sometimes this whole social networking world overwhelms me. I mean, tweeting, blogging, facebooking, emailing..every second..just gets to a person after a while!

Anyway, today was one of those days where you are literally sooo busy, that you forget if you took a shower or if you even ate lunch…one of those, “whoa is me, soo much to life is outta control” kinda days. This day, for me, was as if I was riding a giant rollercoaster all day, clinging on to the handrails for dear life-hoping I wouldn’t fly away.

I guess this whole Senior year, last semester deal..20 units, an internship and a a Senior Project is slightly insane..but for anyone who knows me well, busy is how I stay sane…and this unthinkable schedule isn’t new news..


In the midst of this out of control 10+hours of chaos, I found myself in this negative mood-just bitter. Bitter at my schedule? Well, I did that to myself. Bitter at my tiredness? Once again, my deal.. Icouldn’t figure out what it was.

Then, I went to coach my little girls (I coach a 3rd thru 5th grade running team). Our discussion today was about “Thankfulness”.

There couldn’t have been a more perfect day to bring up this topic. I learn some of the best things being around these munchkins. It’s amazing what kids can teach you..even when they don’t realize it!

As I sat and listened to the girls discuss things they were thankful for…I sat, in silence taking in their cute answers: “my mom, my dog, my lunch today..etc” It made me smile and also made me evaluate my own life, what AM I thankful for?

Although my day was busy..and I felt so exhausted I could keel over-I felt this overwhelming since of guilt and pure shame..I can’t believe I have been feeling sorry for myself all day…waiting for the day to end, when I have SO MUCH to be THANKFUL for. Like I tell my girls “FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE, the NEGATIVE WILL ALWAYS TRY TO OVERPOWER YOUR THOUGHTS..but FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE”

My life is so easy compared to some..I mean, I have a great job I love with amazing people and an awesome flexible schedule, I have the most loving boyfriend, family and friends you could imagine, a car that gets me where I need to be without fail, money to feed me, great roomates, good grades..etc..but yet, I still find ways to stress myself out and feel sorry for myself..

Well, what about the sweet job after college? What about that NEW car? What about MORE money? -Anxiety just takes charge.

Being thankful is SO IMPORTANT. It’s something I strive to do everyday, yet get so caught up in “life” , that I loose track…and often, neglect to give thanks and sit back and evaluate my actions.

I think it’s all important for us to give thanks and really understand how good we have it. Imagine if we couldn’t buy those groceries? we had to walk everywhere we needed to go? We didn’t have loved ones? I mean, really…How would it be?

Don’t be blinded by the “chaotic schedule” or intense schooling..stressful job…or the things we are TOLD we have to achieve…


Because, you can never revisit today…so cherish it, appreciate it..the future will come soon enough.

Live in the Present…and always always, GIVE THANKS.


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It’s The Little Things In Life…..

Hey All!

Hope everyone is enjoying the radiant sun, beautiful fragrant may flowers, green hillsides, the wafering aroma of toasty burgers grilling on the bbq, the crack of the bat at the little league games nearby..and the couples hand in hand walking the cute 4-legged furry critters after the dinner hour..

Am I right? Spring is upon us..and summer is rearing it’s head..soon! It’s just amazing what a little Vitamin D will do for ya, isn’t it? The sun just feels oh so good, and everyone’s spirits seem to be lifted high and away from the cold winter blues. For me, happiness is waking up before my roommates, peeling my eyes open as I tie my laces..down a quick cup of water..and hit the pavement for an early morning run. There is nothing like a crisp,morning run-where the sun has already risen, yet stillness and silence remain before the 8 o’clock hour where garage doors will be opening and coffee pots a brewin’,..and the kiddies biking their way to school with oversized backpacks and sleepy little eyes.

May, so far, has been a grand glorious month for me. Sure, there have been some bumpy patches..but I am seeing the finish line, and the road ahead is looking very promising =) School is finally winding down..the stress is easing…summer is near, and I’ve realized, recently-even just a couple minutes a day to step back from the crazy, out of control scheduled routine, can offer a rejuvenation necessary to plow through the remainder of the day.

As school is wrapping up…and I sit here and reflect on this past year, there is a lot I have learned..a great ton. More I think than I ever have learned in my college career thus far. And no, I don’t mean learning as in educational, book smart, paper writing, novel reading..-I mean, about LIFE, specifically in the job realm. This year I wore several hats.I have enjoyed every minute of exploring what my next potential steps could be post graduation and into the job market…but here are some things I have walked away with:

1-Unfortunately, the pink ribbon on the package doesn’t always mean the present inside is amazing. Sometimes, the job may look more appealing than it really seems. However, never go into a job with low expectations..but remain neautral-because excitement could definitely blind you from the real deal

2Perfection doesn’t exist, but persistence and dedication do! Never turn in an assignment half-ass. It’s better to take MORE time to do it, than to turn in something rushed or half-done. For one, it’s embarrassing and for two, it’s a waste of time..because it’s going to have to be fixed by someone else.

3- People may be nice to your face, but behind the back is a different story. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way in my job. I found out two co workers were actually talking behind people’s backs (including mine) in the office, leading to a heck of a lot of drama, hurt feelings, awkward tension, and anxiety. I could never truly focus on my work because I was always worried about what I was doing, what they were thinking, what they’d say to my boss (wasn’t probably true). I worked in fear. NEVER work in fear. Life is too short. Do not sell yourself short…

4There is a fine line between intimidation, motivation vs. threatening. Although some people work well under pressure, never let an authority take so much control over you it is sacrificing your happiness/your sanity. ALWAYS ALWAYS be respectful of your authoritative figure, but never be passive or forget what you stand for.

5- It takes experience to know… Life is full of wonderful lessons. It’s through experiences we learn, we grow, and we act. Never regret a single second..always know everything happens for a reason-and life is a constant learning experience with so much room for growth!

These are the top (5) Lessons I have really learned this year & I couldn’t be more thankful.

On a side note…Today is Mother’s Day, and my mom deserves a nice shout out:

Mom you are amazing. You are my best friend, my support, my confidence…I thank you for all you have taught me and for always being there through thick and thin! Here is to YOU!

Everyone, Give your mom a hug today…they deserved to be honored much more than just one day a year!

Happy May~Enjoy the sunshine & Put a Smile On!


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Live & Learn~Then Grow: Confessions of a College Blogger

It’s Time I Re-Surfaced to the Blogosphere…Sorry for my absence, things have been certainly busy…but I’m back for good!

There comes a point in life, especially in this culture, where the days just begin to merge together and life just quickly passes you by. It’s the job, or it’s school, finances, obligations..etc-they all just begin to pile, pile, up.

If you’re like me, stress is an evil curse beckoning to take over. I’ve spent so much time worrying and doubting because I’ve for some reason, allowed other people to influence me or steer the wheel. When I sit back to reflect on what I want, sometimes the two don’t seem to match  up…

I’m only 21 years old, at my prime. But, sometimes I feel like I’m trying to be a 28 yr. old business woman or mature college scholar because part of me wants to…and the other part feels pressured if I have to.

I’ve talked to several of my friends and I have come to the conclusion, we all seem to be at the same place, feeling the same things. The education system, especially University, leads you to buy into this bullshit gimmic you have to be successful, rich and above the rest. Serious. You have to work so hard..or the economy sucks, watch out, you need a masters, a BA doesn’t mean a thing..a 3.8 GPA isn’t a 4.0, so try harder next time..

I mean, here we are, little fish in a big, big pond, trying to swim, and a shark attack is always in the back of our minds. What is good enough? What’s success?? What gives??

You know, college , I have come to realize, isn’t about scoring the perfect job..hand-me-the-diploma-and-hello-40+K…

NO, college is about learning to deal, college is about life. Life is shitty, life is happy~but college teaches and prepares you how to roll with the punches.

Somtimes I feel like I am in a huge boxing ring, just on my toes to dodge a punch or rise above my contestants next move. Should I swing, or should I duck? And, when I do get nailed, do I get back up OR accept my defeat? It’s never black and white, and there is always pondering and great debate.

I consider myself a very happy person, always ready and willing to chat or befriend a perfect stranger. My absolute passion is running, and if I could, I’d run every race known to mankind with my best friend, just because it gives me peace, and such a fresh mind.

I’ve always been the girl my friends call when they feel like they’ve hit rock bottom or have their heart ripped out of their chest…ALWAYS.

I’m a small town girl, super close to my family. My mom and I literally talk at least 5 times a day and the first time I spent even a minor holiday away from home, I felt like I wanted to just cry. I mean, I’m simple, and relationships in my life matter.

So here I am, 21, starting to near graduation. I’m always one to bite off more than I can chew (major weakness) because I want to be the best I can be and always keep my options open and my relationships, bountiful.

I’m a Communications major, really intrigued by PR and the media..naturally, it fits, because I love people and I love to write. As my boyfriend knows, I am one to paint pictures sometimes in my mind of pure bliss and awesomeness and sometimes I get brutually disappointed when the real deal aint’ what it seemed.

I do love PR, I’ve taken several classes and felt like my love to write and love for people, really matched great.Love it so much, I decided to take on 2 internships (virtual) at the same time as my 20 hr/wk job and school..hmmm not so smart.

However, I’ve been learning so much..and it’s not all business related, it’s once again, all about life and just how to deal. Of course I’ve acquired amazing skills, met awesome people and made resume building experiences..but you know, when it comes down to that final wire, what I am going to take away from it all is, people aren’t always what they seem, life isn’t always perfect and as far as jobs go, they aren’t easy..not necessarily skill level, but the enviornments you are placed in or the person you are required to submit’s tough.

Life of course isn’t just roses. It’s a lot of the time, the prickly thorns you have to pick off in order to reach the beauty.

Graduation is somewhat nearing and this stress has to be shaked. My boyfriend recently sat me down and woke me up..when he asked…”Why don’t you enjoy your life lately?”

Coming from a person who loves me more than anything, he really made me realize I needed to examine what was taking place. What do I want to do?? and What am I doing because I think I need to??

We live and we learn. The box can be deceitful..The wrapping may be pretty and the bow so bright, yet what’s inside isn’t always what we anticipated or hoped for…

God places us in different situations for a reason-and he never ceases to amaze me with the lessons he teaches me.

Life doesn’t have to be a battlefield. Make going up to bat a prideful pleasure, rather than a dreadful defeat.

Pray & Listen. When you feel overwhelmed, disconnect and access…then GROW.

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Safety First~Social Networking Smarts (Ladies, eyes open!)

Hey All,

Well I took a ridiculous long “vacation” from the blogosphere, apparently. Anyways, been living life in the fast lane lately..not a suprise for those who know me=). Life’s been a whirlwind lately, but you know, I AM enjoying the ride!

So, who loves the sunshine? Us Northern Cali folk were deprived of the beautiful daylight for soo long, it’s soo nice to see sun rays and have it stay light later=) Sorry to Alaska, Canada..etc who are still yet experiencing nasty wind, fog, snow and sleet =(.

SOO…  heres the topic of the blog today: Safety & Social Networking, especially for us lovely ladies. The internet is HUGE, fast paced, diverse, ever changing, intertwined, mingled, mixed..and UNCERTAIN. We have friends here, there, tweet this, tweet that… comment to mary jo, bobby su..whatev-u get my drift. We basically maneuver around the internet with blinders on, because who can guarantee that’s really your friend Kristen commenting on your tweet or facebook post??, or if thats someone else-

Ok, sounds a little paranoid..but with Foursquare informing everyone your location and facebook status updates like no other telling people when you’re at school, now your making dinner with the roomies, then you’re going clubbin to ring in the weekend..etc, it’s a little scary business. Why? Because not ALL people are NICE people, and some people are SHADY people. It’s a fact, you can’t trust everyone you meet. With the blogosphere WIDELY expanding and people becoming literally “big” off of social networking, it’s real easy to keep marching with the rest of the crowd and keeping connected constantly! I mean, people are getting book deals, featured in NY Times, major magazines..and just making a name for themself thanks to a little wordpress love..sooo I’m not exaggerating when I say, people have friends all around the globe. When your face is all over the web with your name…you gotta make sure you are regulating & not just allowing any old peepin’ Todd to be your friend, view your posts or follow you on twitter.

Now that twitter is also adopting the location feature, you could be tweeting from your Blackberry in Starbucks on Market Street, and how would you like some random joe to come up to you and say hey Sara, how was your oatmeal for breakfast after your awesome 10 mile run with your best friend Jill for the training of the SF marathon?? Ummm….skettcchhh!!!

Heres an article SmartBrief Media posted out today about “Twitters @anywhere feature”… check it:

Bottom line, BE SMART BEFORE YOU SOCIALIZE..on the net!!

Although I’d like to say just rely on trust and your instinct..thats not the times we live in these days. It’s reality. Don’t publish anything online or divulge any info, unless you want, literally…the WHOLE world to see!

Use your head, not your heart=)

Sip your daily cup!!

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Hello Everyone,

Apologize for such scattered posts thus far, but I promise I will get more regular writing.. It’s tough, because social networking sometimes gets overwhelming..tweeting..facebooking..skyping..the list goes on..and sometimes, you just get burnt out, whos with me?

My life has been spinning 360 degrees, 180 miles an hour lately..sooo I’ve decided to slooww it doowwnn!

Learning a LOT about the PR profession, your phone must always be attached to your hip, you must ALWAYS have access to internet..and most certainly must just toss the watch out the window, because it’s a round the clock, baby!=) Not always, but..when a client needs something done, they NEED IT DONE NOW-and you will need to respond if’s and’s or but’s about it. This is good though, I’m learning a lot of time management skills and attention to detail-nothing slips by in the professional realm, nothing ladies & gents-thats the way it should be too.

So, by the end of this week, I was fried. With school, internships & work-my body was saying SLOOWWW DOOWWNN!

Reflect: Do you ever get sooo wrapped up with your daily routine, that you forget to just live? just laugh?? and to just sit back and examine yourself..what makes you happy?? what are you doing because you think you have to?..and what are you doing because you want to??For me, whatever your passion is, you should chase after. For some people, it’s working with kids, for some people (like me) it’s pouring out your heart onto paper  or keepin’ up with the latest buzz, for some it’s dancing or cooking..others it’s firefighting..the list goes on.Everyone has a strength, everyone is good at some particular. You may not think so, but it’s true-everyone has a gift. So, I encourage you to just take a moment..and step back (WAY BACK) and examine yourself-what really makes your world go round?

So often, we get caught up in “worldly” standards, what the media tells us..or what “seems” right. Go to school, get a diploma..and get to work at a 9-5 job, you really can’t stand-but hey the pays great. Nah, no thanks. What I’ve been learning a college student these last 3 what they DONT teach you in the books! To do what makes you happy. If you’re going to spend the rest of your life walking out the door dragging your feet with a strong cup of joe in hand, dreading where you are going-why is that worth it?

” I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live”-Ecclesiates 3:12

On a completely DIFFERENT NOTE, who saw those Academy Awards? Hurt Locker cleaned house!..and may I say, Sandra Bullock is so amazing & sooo talented-and deserved BEST ACTRESS in every way..! Also, congrats to the movie precious-I mean, being granted that title by OPRAH, has gotta be one BIG deal! You GO GIRL!

Goodnight to all..and to all a GOOD NIGHT!

Sip up your daily cup! (manana)

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Slacking & Stressed….Somewhat NOW Refreshed!

Alright, I’ve been a huge slacker…made this blog, then abandoned it already? Sorry thats not like me, I’ve just be completely way in over my head lately with school, work, know how it goes.

Reflect: Do you ever just get so wrapped up in your routine, you almost forget to breath? Well, thats been the last week for me..and, after eating some bomb tacos & clearing my mind with a workout and some lounging in front of the tube, talking to the best friend..and just collecting my scattered thoughts-I feel somewhat refreshed.

Anyways..sorry for the little blurb, but really-it’s important to relax & take a step back, our society spins out of control non stop and some times, we forget the little things in life-the important things, like for one our freakin’ sanity!

So, what to blog, what to blog…? Well, heres a look into what I’ve been up to..getting my feet wet on the PR path..& such:

This semester I am interning with Magic Sauce Media, a PR firm based in San Fran. It’s great, GREAT-I am getting such awesome experience with social networking, working with clients, meeting deadlines..basically the “real” deal! We can make you stand out above the rest & have about every PR trick & creativity out there, so hang with us and we’ll have your customers as jazzed about your company as you are! Hey, by the way..we’d love you to become a fan!

As for my other internship, I am interning with, a fabulous online GREEN magazine. It’s so so much fun! The girls I work with are incredible, and the work is just..FUN! I love it! Hopefully at some point I will share some articles I’ve written-we cover wellness, decor, lifestyle, fashion, current news..with a green twist of course=) and, if you’ve got some written talent or a worthy piece for us to craft to words, we may just be interesting in featuring you on our site! Theres some great reads & some talented writers..soo check it!

Anyway, thats an intro to my life you must know about, because this blog is going to encompass a LOT of what I’m doing, what I’m learning and all the sweet stuff to share with you!

SO, Here She Blows…

I can’t tell you how insane the life of a college student gets at times..of course we’re no super moms juggling 3 kids, working full time-however, let me tell you..for the most part we’re broke..exhausted, peddling our little feet to just play by the rules and jump through the hoops..we waste gosh knows how much time being preached to through a tattered textbook or repetive powerpoint slide. I’m not saying it’s all gray clouds & rain showers, believe me we have our share of fun and adolescence still, but how frustrating can it get sometimes to run ragged for a letter grade, that will not matter after you grab that diploma. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying lets just say “C’s” get degrees and peace out of here, I work my butt off.. The reason I bring this up is because  hands on, life experience a whole heck of a lot more useful & resume worthy than a random 2-5 class with a professor who clearly doesn’t want to be there. .wants to make your life hell..or, if you’re lucky, wants to give you that opportunity to shine…( Can you tell I have Senioritis?)

Anyways, what I’m saying is INTERNSHIPS INTERNSHIPS are key, I’m meeting amazing people, getting unbelievable experience & learning a lot about my future goals… If you’re  student about to set foot on that graduation stage, I can’t say it enough, GET AN INTERNSHIP & reap the benefits! will be happy you did=)

~Sip Up Your Daily Cup!

“People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Are you FOR REAL?

Hey Everyone!
You ever have those days when you hit the snooze button several times, but you had that run in mind ..and it’s making you feel guilty that you are ignoring the alarm to jump start your day? Well, this morning..SNOOZE SNOOZE SNOOZE..then I jumped straight out of bed and flew out the door for a run.(the guilt got me!) Took awhile to get pumping and it was freezing, but what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger, ya? Anyway, Mondays are always the worst..why is that? It may be a mental thing, I don’t know-but I always dread Mondays. Anyways, I came across an article this morning, that kind of freaked me out, actually! People posing on social media sites as false faces. But as I read deeper, it actually turns out us people on Facebook are no posers, it’s the other sites you have to be careful of. I mean, I don’t know about you, but how would you like to be chatting with someone you think you know, but have no idea. They’re behind a computer screen..your communication is all virtual, how would you ever know!? Well, that of course goes back to the obvious rule of never adding someone you don’t know-we have to be careful now a days, people aren’t always as nice as we’d like to think they are! Anyway, it’s especially important for us girls to be careful & aware of the social media sites, and really monitor what we say and what information we present. Our world has gotten to be so impersonal, people dread picking up the phone anymore and certainly avoid at all costs face to face interaction. What is with that anyways? That is one downfall of social media I’d have to say has put a strain on socialization and just friendly conversation. Speaking of, my boyfriend is currently looking for a little side job this semester because he has some free time and would like the extra cash. He’s very great with kids and wants to be an Elementary school teacher, so, naturally, he’s been in search for jobs that involve working with kids. He came to me so discouraged, confused and frustrated the other day, because he had drove around to different after school programs and schools looking to strike up a conversation and ask if they were hiring, etc..but NO ONE gave him the time of day..were extremely rude and literally IGNORED HIM! They said they only accept resumes online and do not want to meet anyone in person unless they are interested. Well, who looks that amazing on paper, and how do you get to know someone from a generic one page tedious resume? He was so appalled that people are literally scared to interact. It’s truly a shame.. But, unfortunately, we have to keep our guards up now more than ever with the internet booming and the social sites a buzzin’…soo take a look over this article, it’s an interesting study on social networkers and if they’re legit or not…good to be aware of
Happy Monday!

Sip Up Your Daily Cup!

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